Check out the blog that was voted to be the best photo blog by The Maryland Outstanding Blog Awards (Mobbies)

Thanks to MICA’s Photo Dept for the shout out!


     In this day and age being a successful photographer is not just about taking pictures and creating art. It is also about connecting with your audience through galleries, shows and especially social media. Kaitlin has become a master at this so check her blog out and see how she has achieved such popularity. She has managed to connect to a large audience who not only love her photographs but follow her musings and insights on this diverse medium.


click here to visit her blog!click here to visit her blog!

History of 120Pearls
This little gem began two years ago for a class project – Stacy Spaulding’s digital publishing class to be exact. The project was simple: pick a subject area you like and blog about it all semester long. The point of the project was to teach us how to establish an internet presence by branding ourselves through content, media, keywording, hash tagging and creating…

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