The Love Atomic Releases Disconnect


This post is a bit different than my normal ones in the sense that it deals with music and has a multimedia aspect. Last September I did a photoshoot with my boyfriend Ryan. We shot at Clipper Mill and if you are familiar with the place you’ll know that the lighting and structure are beautiful. I got the chance to play with silhouettes and softbox-esque lighting. Photos were shot on a Canon 5D Mark III and with natural lighting. 

The purpose of this photoshoot was to create a visual representation of Ryan’s (aka The Love Atomic) new single, Disconnect. It’s always a challenge visually constructing someone’s songs and someone’s personal experiences from memories, however it’s a challenge I throughly enjoy. I don’t get to do it enough. 

Take a listen, enjoy, take another listen, let us know what you think.

Review of Disconnect, as written by Holly Iverson

Time. Effort. Chances. 

We’ve all given more than we should have and given more than someone deserved. The beauty of “Disconnect,” and really any song by The Love Atomic, is the artist’s ability to take relatable personal experiences and put them to music. But that’s the thing – the songs feel incredibly genuine because they’re pulled from the pages of his own story. He’s able to take his struggles and triumphs and turn them into something we can all relate to – something we can make our own. 

The mix of catchy guitar riffs and adrenaline-pumping drum beats found in “Disconnect” perfectly capture all of that anger you felt after learning things with her weren’t as they seemed. The crescendo at the end of the song is nothing short of epic. As it builds, your blood seems to pump faster through your veins, your own memories flooding your system. The lyrics, “I tried to rewrite you, but you made me feel like I wasn’t there,” repeat over and over, mirroring the times you had to tell her – or yourself – that you did everything you could.

We all hope for more triumphs than struggles in life, but our hearts make us vulnerable. So the next time you choose to walk away from someone, listen to “Disconnect” and know two things: the only story you can rewrite is your own and you should’ve listened to The Love Atomic a long time ago. 

Holly Iverson news producer that cites music as her therapy -cheering her up on bad days, giving her courage when it is most needed, and is there for her when she celebrates all the best moments in life. She’s a Maryland transplant in North Carolina, where she lives with her beloved orange tabby cat. Iverson has been a fan of The Love Atomic for some time, you can read her previous review of The Love Atomic’s previous single “Burn” here


“I am a story teller. I’ve combined the sounds of giant guitars, pounding drums, and theatrical synthesizers with lyrics that I’ve crafted – ever so carefully – to tell the stories in my mind through music. Every song I’ve written for The Love Atomic is about a day I have lived.

I hope the songs that I write impact everyone who hears them just as much as my favorite artists have impacted and inspired me. I could continue to tell you more about my background, my past relationships, and my past bands but it would be better for you to listen. The story is in the song.”


Want to hear more? Click here, scroll down.

Special thanks to Pat Bourque for the studio use and to Holly Iverson for the review.

Please do not repost, share, or use photos without permission.
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